CAL-X Audio Visual Equipment Rentals

Audio Visual Equipment Rental 1

Sound System Hire

  • Speakers
  • Sound Mixer desks
  • DJ Controllers
  • Sub Woofers
Audio Visual Equipment Rental 2

Sound System Hire

  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Presentation Tools
Audio Visual Equipment Rental 3

Party Light Hire

  • Mirror ball
  • UV Lights
  • LED Moving Lights
  • Party Light Bar
Audio Visual Equipment Rental 4

FX Machines for Hire

  • Smoke Machines
  • Fog Machines
  • Low Lying Fog
  • Bubble Machines
Audio Visual Equipment Rental 5

Audio Visual Equipment Hire

  • Presentation Equipment
  • Presentation Tools
  • Sound Packages
  • Projectors
Audio Visual Equipment Rental 6

Silent Disco Equipment

  • Headphones
  • Transmitters
  • Party Packages

Rental Equipment Categories

Audio Visual Equipment Rental 1

Sound System Hire

With a selection of professional, high quality speakers and sub-woofers so you can find the sound system you need here. Mix and match speaker size to suit your needs, and for added bass throw in a subwoofer. With the available selection of sound equipment we should have your event covered. You can also choose from a selection of audio accessories such as mixers, microphones, stands & cabling. We have created speaker packages of varying sizes to suit most party or conference requirements. These packages feature amazing discounts and simplify the selection process.

Audio Visual Equipment Rental 2

Projector Hire

If you need a projector for a presentation, party, or event take a look at what CAL-X has to offer. We have a selection of projectors to match your needs. We also have projector screens, or packages containing both projector and screens at discounted rates. We strive to supply top quality professional audio visual equipment. This is to ensure reliability and ease of use. Make sure your event looks professional and goes off without a hitch. Our rental prices offer great value when compared with the high standard of professional equipment supplied. We have presentation tools and a lectern to further enhance the quality of your event. If you need a sound system to accompany your booking, you can choose from one of our great speaker package deals here.

Audio Visual Equipment Rental 3

Party Lights Hire

Whether it is for mood, atmosphere or practicality have a look at the lights CAL-X has to offer. If you are looking for coloured lights as uplighters, you will find them here. We also have a spotlight which can be great for presentations where you need to light the speaker but not the projector screens.

We have a great selection of fun lights to give your party or event that extra wow factor. We have UV lights for neon parties, the good old classic mirror ball which is a must at most parties creating that classic disco vibe. If not sure on what lights are good for a party you can’t go wrong with our mini moving-head lights with a variety of changing colours and movement. Then there is our ever popular Party Light Bar an all-in-one combination of color changing lights and lasers, a quick and easy set-up, good value for money option. These lights & the effects create are all enhanced by the addition of smoke, see our smoke machines here.

Audio Visual Equipment Rental 5

Audio Visual Equipment Hire

Our audio visual equipment includes sound, lights, projectors and screens. You will certainly find a range of solutions to match your needs. We also have lecterns, presentation remotes and other presentation tools to ensure your professional event is a success. For you upcoming event, function or presentation, we have your audio and visual needs covered.

Have a look at our projectors and screen. As well as the accompanying presentation tools like the amazing Logitech spotlight presentation remote. If you need to add a sound system, we have a selection of sizes and configurations to match your requirements. We also have a very modern looking aluminium lectern from which to do your presentation. If you need to be heard, we have cable as well as wireless microphones and stands. We strive to make your audio visual equipment rental choice as easy and effortless as possible with our offering.


Audio Visual Equipment Rental 6

Silent Disco Equipment Hire

Here you can find the selection of silent disco equipment we have available for hire. We have combined our silent disco equipment into packages. We have several silent disco packages to suit the size of your event. Simply match the package to the number of guests attending your function. If you need to add a couple of headsets you will also find that option below. A package consists of two transmitters and a number of headsets. You provide the music, and you will have everything you need to host a silent event. If you want to add a third channel, you can add an additional transmitter to your order.

Audio Visual Equipment Rental 4

FX Machines Hire

FX Machines Hire from CAL-X Rentals. Here you can find our selection of effects machines available for hire. We have large and small smoke machines to suit your requirements. They are supplied with fog liquid. We also have a low lying fog machine which uses ice to keep the smoke low to the ground. We also have a bubble machine in this section. We even have a machine which fills the bubbles with smoke. The smoke and fog machines work very well with our party lights to enhance their effect.

We have made all our audio visual equipment prices accessible via our website, these prices are per day. The price shown includes Vat and also includes all the handling and rental fees which many other companies add in addition to their prices shown. If you have any questions or you are looking for audio visual equipment not listed here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with CAL-X so we can assist you with your Audio Visual Equipment hire requirements.

Audio Visual Equipment Brands available from CAL-X

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