Medium Smoke Machine Hire

From: R425.00 Per Day


  • smoke/fogger machine | CHAUVET DJ H1600
  • 2L fog fluid.

Features: 4 minutes Heat up Time, output 25,000 cfm, Fluid Consumption 120ml per minute from its 2.4 tank.

Application: Ideal for creating smoke and atmosphere in smaller venues and parties.



Medium Smoke Machine Hire | CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1600 Fog Machine

Smoke Machine Hire from CAL-X Rentals. This is a fun little smoke machine well suited to house parties and smaller venues. It is not designed to fill a room with smoke, but rather fogs the atmosphere. This is a great way to enhance the effect of party light. The lights beams show up better and the colour becomes more visible in the presence of fog. It makes a great accessory to our party light bar. If you are looking for a larger smoke machine to fog big rooms and venues, we also have that option available. You can click the link to have a look at our other party Effects Equipment options.


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