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At CAL-X we offer Projector Hire at great per day rates.

Below you can view the projectors we have available for hire.

We also have screens available, as well as package deals.

If you need more help with choosing which model is right for you, scroll down for more info.

When you want to share information with a room full of people nothing beats a projector. Before you buy a one, first consider the rental options available. If you want to show a boardroom full of people a slideshow presentation or a document or watch sport with a group of friends or even enjoy a movie night, it is hard to beat a projector. When a lot of people need to see the same thing, the bigger the screen the better.

We currently have two Optoma projector options to choose from. The two main differences distinguishing one from the other is the projectors brightness and resolution. These two factors affect the maximum size to which the projector can display an image.

Optoma WU416 projector hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals
Optoma W341 Projector Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals

Optoma WU416 Projector Hire

This projector offers a brightness of 4200 lumens. This is bright for a projector in its class. What this means in practical terms is that the projector will perform acceptably in less than ideal ambient lighting. Projectors prefer to work in dark spaces, the darker the better. Bright light washes out the pictures contrast and the black parts of images look grey instead of being deep and rich.

The resolution for this projector is 1920 x 1200. This means it is capable of handling full HD output. That resolution also means it has a native aspect ratio of 16:10, so it can easily handle 16:9 and even 4:3 content. Easy to use easy to setup, this is a great option when you want to impress. You can view its product page here.

Optoma W341 Projector Hire

This projector offers a brightness of 3600 lumens. This is a bright and clear image better than average for a projector at this hire price. Being very easy to set up and use, this is a great projector for clubs, family and business events. It boasts an impressive contrast range of 22, 000:1 with a WXGA resolution. This will throw an image far larger that any traditional Television allowing more people to see and share than you would normally be able to. You can view its product page here.

3m Fast Fold Screen

If you have a larger audience we have a 3m screen. Three meters makes for a sizable image, it is the equivalent of a 139” television screen. It comes with an amazing “fast fold” frame. This is an aluminium frame with hinges and locks which open up into the frame with impressive ease. The only assembly is to attach the frame to the legs at your desired height. The screen uses press studs to connect to the frame. The package comes with a front or rear projection screen so you can best match your desired setup. It all collapses down into a box 116 x 31 x 60cm which has wheels making it easier to transport.

Projector Hire 3

Pull up screen

Our other screen option is the floor standing, pull-up projector screen. This is super easy to set up. You place it on the floor and spread out its little feet. Telescope out the support arm to your desired height. Then pull out the screen from the base till it hooks onto the arm and you are all set in less than a minute. This screen is 1.8m wide so it can fit length ways into most cars so it can me easily transported.

Projector Hire 4

You can hire our projectors, or our screens or a combination of the two. We also have projector stands and presentation remotes available to make your event run a little easier and smoother.

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Projector Hire 6
Projector Hire 7
Projector Hire 8

Hiring a projector can be done at a fraction of the cost to purchasing one. While projecting an image offers much larger image sizes than Televisions offer, it is needed far less often so projectors are not utilised as often. To buy one you only use occasionally while needing to pay for maintenance and bulb replacements does not always make great investment sense. These problems are easily avoided when you opt for a projector hire option. You will avoid a high initial cost, maintenance, parts replacement and will also often have access to newer technology.