Battery Powered PA System Hire

From: R550.00 Per Day

Kit Includes:

  • Samson Expedition XP106w 100w battery powered speaker
  • Wireless Handheld microphone with usb Receiver
  • Microphone stand
  • Speaker stand


  • All-in-one, lightweight portable PA system packed with features
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of continuous use
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone
  • 4-channel mixer with XLR, Jack and mini-Jack Input options
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music
  • Class D amplifier produces 100 watts of power
  • 2-way speaker enclosure with 6″ woofer, 1″ high frequency driver
  • Battery level LED indicator
  • Speaker stand mount

Application: Use anywhere as a public address system, conferences, presentations and parties where there is no power.

Battery Powered PA System Hire | Battery Powered Samson Expedition XP106w

Battery Powered PA System Hire from CAL-X Rentals. A truly portable sound system for great sound… anywhere. Not only is this sound system battery powered, but it is also completely wireless. This little package has some great features making it extremely good value and practical.

Performance: This is a 100w speaker made up of a 6″ woofer and a 1″ high frequency driver. This is all powered by an internal battery which can be used continuously for 10 hours of operation. This rental package includes a wireless hand-held mic (Samson’s Q6 mic capsule) which has a 30m operating range (depending of course on the environment).

Connectivity: To further enhance the wireless functionality the system has a Bluetooth channel to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. While this is primarily a portable pa system it also allows for cable options. The back of the speaker features a 4-channel mixer feature with multiple input options and separate level controls. These include an XLR combo channel (microphones and other Mic/Line level devices), a jack input for guitars and other line level devices, a mini jack channel for MP3 players, mobile phones or keyboards. There is a USB Wireless channel for use with the Stage XPD1 Wireless handheld microphone provided with the kit. A Line Out is also available so you can daisy chain multiple systems together and expand your sound. This combination of features make it an easy choice to make and great value. If you want to add some audio gear to your order you can view our range here.

This Rechargeable Portable PA with Handheld Wireless System and Bluetooth is manufactured by Samson. Here is what they have to say about their Expedition XP106w.

“Samson’s Expedition XP106w Rechargeable Portable PA is packed with incredible features, including Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in 4-channel mixer. It also comes complete with a USB digital wireless system for delivering impromptu performances and professional presentations in any environment. Such versatility, combined with clean, crisp audio, makes the XP106w an all-in-one solution for classrooms, conferences, tour groups, parties, as well as a variety of outdoor applications.”

To download a PDF version of the Operation Manual

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