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Available in Johannesburg and Pretoria

UV Lights for Hire

At CAL-X Rentals we have a few packages of UV Lights for Hire. You can hire UV lights individually or in groups to match your needs. The nature of UV light is that it loses intensity rather quickly over distance. Many people ask how many lights they might need. We have a loose guide below to give you an idea of how most people choose to use the lights.

One UV light is enough to give a room in your home a UV wash. The effect of it is then only visible from the side facing the light. Many customers prefer hiring two lights so they can have one on either side of the room. This will greatly enhance the effect and angles the UV light is affecting. We also have a three-light option. This gives even further flexibility in your setup and UV coverage. Three lights is enough for a large room or patio. We also have a four-light option and this has been used effectively in school halls.

Black Light Rental

Black light or even blacklight are common terms to describe ultraviolet light. So whether you are looking for UV Lights for Hire or Black Light Rental CAL-X has the rental product for you. We use the Beamz UV lights as our product of choice. They give off a lot of light and their angled face gives great coverage. They are DMX controllable should you want to make them part of a larger setup.

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Using the UV Lights

Here are some tips to answer UV Light setup FAQs

  • Position the lights high for better coverage
  • Use lights opposite each other across the room rather than next to each other for better coverage
  • Make the area as dark as possible for the best effect
  • Neon colours show up best under these lights as they fluoresce

To download a copy of the operations manual

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