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What is a silent disco?

A silent disco is an event where people listen to music through headphones. Instead of the sound coming out of speakers. The headphones connect wirelessly to a radio transmitter. If you use two transmitters everyone can choose for themselves what to listen to. They choose between the two different music sources. You can turn the music up as loud as you like on the headphones. It won’t disturb the neighbours as there are no blaring speakers. Take the headphones off and there is no music to disrupt your conversation. You can read what Wikipedia have to say about it here. If you are looking to host a party like this, CAL-X Johannesburg can help. We offer Silent Disco Equipment Rental options at great value.

Choose your Package

(Just add your own Music)

Each rental package includes comprehensive equipment. You get two transmitters as well as the cables to link them to your audio source. Choose how many wireless headsets you will need for your guests. You can add extra headsets if you need a couple extra. Find these on our Silent disco Equipment Hire page. We also have a selection of lights and other equipment which can enhance your party.

How it works

For your event we will supply you with two radio transmitters, you add the music. You can plug just about any audio source into the transmitter. Play songs from your phone, cd player, mp3 player, computer, laptop, decoder or a DJ Desk. The radio transmitter sends the signal to a wireless headset. So, each person wearing a headphones can choose their own volume. And which of the two audio sources to listen to. This is what makes silent disco equipment hire so appealing.
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On your headphones, you can tap the power button to switch between the different channels. You can see what everyone else is listening too by the colour their headset glows. Listen to the song of your choice and control your own volume level.

Headphones controls

Tap the power button

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and choose your music

Wireless Headphones Channel 1 | CAL-X Rentals

from up to 3 channels

Wireless Headphones Channel 3 | CAL-X Rentals

and set your volume!

Rental Packages

Choose a package with enough headsets for the number of guests at your function. The headsets will be fully charged up and cleaned for you. The package includes two transmitters which you will plug your music into. Guests can select between those two sources on their headset.
You can collect the equipment for your event from 2pm onwards. We are at 18 Grove Street Ferndale, Randburg. Then return the equipment the next day by 11am the following day.
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Advantages of Your Next Event Being Silent

  • Each person with a headset can choose their own volume level
  • You can choose between two different music choices
  • Take off the headset and you can hold a conversation without strain
  • Continue the party past noise curfews
  • The entire system can be run on battery power
  • It can be used anywhere
  • Headsets use built-in rechargeable batteries for over 8 hours of use

Silent Party Ideas

Silent Headphone technology makes for a fun and unique event experience. Here are a few popular and creative uses of the equipment. Create your own unique and memorable event.

  • Silent Disco
  • Birthday parties
  • Silent Cinema
  • Silent Opera
  • Weddings
  • Team Building
  • Bat mitzvah and Bar mitzvah parties
  • Multilingual conferences
  • Walking Tours
  • Exercise classes

Additional Party Equipment

We also have a selection of Disco Lights which you can add for that night club look and feel. If you want speakers we offer Sound System Equipment available at great prices. CAL-X also has FX Machines so you can add smoke of bubbles to your event. Click a link below to see the range of products on offer.

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Any Other Questions…

If you have anything else you would like to ask, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have. Don’t let the technical aspects of setting up of the equipment worry you. We can help here too. The system is very straight forward and we can walk you through it when you collect the equipment from us. We do have a Frequently Asked Questions page which might help answer most of your question.
You can contact us on 011 787 6234 or email us info@cal-x.co.za for help. The Silent Disco Equipment Hire is available in both branches. You can collect this equipment in Johannesburg or Pretoria . We have a range of audio cable options available. We can ensure you have the correct and necessary cables to connect your music to the transmitter.

Popular Products

CAL-X offers a range of rental products and below you can find a few of our popular items.

Party Ideas

If you are looking for any other ideas or want do a little more research you can also have a look on Jozikids.

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Silent DJ Party Events

If you want to try experience an event before you hire your own equipment, to give it a try, you are in luck. The BEERHOUSE in Fourways has an event every month which you can check out here. If you from Pretoria, you can check out the BEERHOUSE Centurion events.

When is it?

They are held on the last Thursday of every month

Where is it?

You can visit them in either 1 Sunset Ave & Witkoppen Rd, Fourways or 1262 Embankment Rd, Centurion Central.

What does it cost?

To hire headphones is R70.