Bubble Machine Hire

From: R425.00 Per Day


  • 3IN1 Bubble Smoke Lights Machine | BeamZ SB1500LED
  • 2L Bubble Fluid
  • Smoke Fluid

Features: This machine blows bubbles, filled with smoke and are lit by LEDs shining from the machine.

Application: Make your inner child freak out.


Bubble Machine Hire

Bubble Machine Hire from CAL-X Rentals. This is not just a bubble machine, it is actually a 3in1 machine. It blows bubbles, filled with smoke, which are light up by the LEDs on the front of the machine. There is a small trough in the front which you will fill with the supplied bubble mix. The bubble wheel rotates through the bubble mix and past the blower which produces the bubbles. At the opposite side of the machine is a smoke liquid tank. This will generate smoke which is pumped into the bubbles. This makes bubbles which are filled with smoke float around the room, which give off a little puff of smoke when they pop. The front panel of the machine has colour changing LED lights which shine onto the bubbles being generated to give them colour. This machine is a lot of fun, but it can be quite messy! You can click the link to have a look at our other party light options.

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